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ToDo List (t-list)

ToDo List (t-list) started from a simple project article at CodeProject. Now, it has been ported to MVC2 with flashing new WYSIWYG entry-box, where the user can give the details of the item. What's more that has encouraged me to put me to put the project on CodePlex is integration with OpenID for private t-lists that can be easily hidden from public t-list.

Modes of t-list

The t-list operates in two modes now; public and private. The private mode gets authenticated by OpenID and user can see both private and public t-list after getting authenticated. The private t-list will be related to user's own account and will not be shared with anyone.

Feature Request

I'm open for incorporating other features in ToDo List. If you do want to discuss with me, you can skype me at: amitbhandari01.

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ToDo List

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